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Soundbites: November 2022

Soundbites: November 2022

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Featured group:
Take Off With Music

This first edition features Take Off With Music, the class dedicated to CSM’s smallest, yet surely loudest, young musicians. On a typical Tuesday morning in November, a dozen pre-schoolers gather with their parents, caregivers and a smattering of tiny siblings to sing, stomp and wiggle around one of CSM’s Ferry Road classrooms. The adults grin and giggle as they get into the groove, encouraging their little learners and soothing the occasional minor meltdown.

So, what do they value most about Take Off With Music?
For Ngaire Button, the beauty is in seeing the positive impact of music on her whānau over multiple generations. She took her own children to music lessons and now brings her mokopuna to classes at the CSM. “It’s an intergenerational thing,” says Ngaire. She believes the early introduction to music has been important in the lives of her – now adult – children, one of whom is a professional in the performing arts.

“They all developed a love and understanding of music. Now, as a taua, I’m committed to taking my three mokopuna to classes at the CSM.” Jarrah Robertson’s favourite thing about Take Off With Music is seeing how much his son enjoys the class. “It’s very engaging,” he says. “It’s all about learning while having fun.”

Above: Celia Stewart teaches 4-year-old Bill Urmson about pitch with the help of playful, climbing squirrel.

On Tuesdays, the class is taught by Celia Stewart, the CSM’s tireless music director and a specialist in music for early childhood education. She is passionate about making high-quality musical education accessible for the children of Christchurch and Canterbury. At Take Off With Music, she teaches the children basic music concepts through playful activities.

“Music is so vital for children of all ages and to begin with these foundation classes is so important,” says Celia. “Quality music experiences help children develop their listening skills, concentration, co-ordination, socialisation and creativity.”

Exciting news: a new home for CSM

Tuesday’s Take Off With Music class is held in one of the CSM’s temporary classrooms on the site of the former Music Centre, which was destroyed by the 2011 earthquakes. For over a decade, the School has been scattered in temporary accommodation across different sites. In fact, in its almost 70-year history, CSM has never had a place to call home.

This is all set to change, as the City Council has offered CSM the chance to build in the central Arts Precinct. To create the inspiring, purpose-built centre we must raise $15 million, an enormous undertaking for a non-profit organisation whose focus has always been on keeping music education affordable. Follow our updates to find out more about this incredibly exciting project!

If you would like more information, or wish to support the CSM, please contact Leigh on (03) 366 1711

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