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Recorder Ensembles

The recorder is undoubtedly one of the best starting instruments for younger children to learn to read and play music on. It leads naturally to any of the woodwind instruments, though many of our students continue with the recorder even when they do choose to move on to other instruments. We believe the early involvement in recorder ensembles is the key to this as students not only develop as musicians much more quickly but they also gain enjoyment through playing with other students and develop deep friendships. The repertoire on the recorder is immense, so playing in a recorder ensemble can be a great way to expand musical knowledge and appreciation.

  • PLAY! In the Junior Recorder Ensemble

    Not scheduled in 2022

    The Junior Recorder Ensemble is suitable (and recommended) for students as soon as they start to become comfortable with reading music. The focus of this ensemble is to give students the chance to develop their musical skills through playing together. The music arrangements are simple and fun. At this stage, most students play descant recorders although occasionally the most advanced students will play the treble recorder in preparation for moving on to the Intermediate Recorder Ensemble.

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  • PLAY! In the Intermediate Recorder Ensemble

    Saturday 10.00am – 10.30am  Avonhead School (55 Avonhead Road)

    The Intermediate Recorder Ensemble is generally appropriate for students who have been learning about 3 years. Students in this group can either stick with the recorder of their choice or begin to explore playing the tenor, treble and bass recorders. With a group of 10-15 students of varied ages, students tell us what a great experience being a part of this group can be. Many students continue playing in this group for years. With a wide variety of music and a selection of recorders boredom is never a concern!

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  • PLAY! In the Christchurch Recorder Ensemble

    Tuesday 5:30-7:00 in Room 3 Christchurch School of Music


    Christchurch Recorder Ensemble is an advanced ensemble for teens and adults who continue on with the recorder beyond grade 6. As the ensemble is reasonably challenging, we recommend students are a minimum of 13 years old. Students playing in this ensemble get the chance to play recorders of all sizes. CSM owns several bass and contra bass recorders. This gives students the unique opportunity to play all ensemble parts and gain a better understanding of how the parts of an ensemble fit together.
    This elite group is a performance oriented group which can be seen and heard around Christchurch at special events.

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