Christchurch School of Music

Musicianship Karate

Musicianship Karate is a free programme offered to players in Junior Symphony Orchestra and Intermediate Symphony Orchestra. Students will work towards gaining badges which will be the equivalent of Karate colours. There is just a small charge for the badges. In 2020 we will be starting Musicianship Karate in Term 2 once we have settled into our new venue at Linwood College.

The curriculum is built upon the educational foundations of Orff Schulwerk and Kodaly where music will be presented through songs, movement and improvisation to increase the students’ musicality. Aural training and theory will also be included through games and book work.

At CSM we believe that we are not just teaching an instrument but are developing a whole musician with a strong foundation for building students’ future music learning.

Learning to think musically, to hear and decipher patterns of sound and understanding concepts of musical literacy are all valuable skills for musicians to develop.

The intention is to expand the programme to offer to other ensembles in the future.