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    Enrolments are usually for full year (we teach 34 weeks of the year) Our year operates as 2 semesters (or 4 terms) to follow the school year. If you wish to withdraw you must let us know before the beginning of a new semester or term.

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    You can pay by Internet Banking, Cheque or Credit card (Mastercard or Visa)

    If you want to pay by IB or Cheque then we will send you an invoice by email. If you want to pay by Credit Card please call us as we can take your payment on the phone.

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    (On occasion we can offer the option of weekly or fortnightly payment plans. To use this option you would come into the CSM office and complete a direct credit form for the required number of payments.)

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    CSM can offer some financial assistance grants from monies we receive from the Rata Foundation. If you have a Community Services or Gold Card we can offer up to a 50% discount on lesson fees (some conditions apply). This offer is not available for ensembles/groups/orchestras in 2021. If you don’t have a Community Services or Gold Card you may still be eligible. We can email you a form to complete. (Please note this offer is valid until the funding is depleted so we cannot guarantee acceptance).

    Enrolment Terms & Conditions

    • Terms: Enrolment

      It is usual practice for students to enrol for a minimum of one semester (1/2 a year) however we do offer Blocks of 5 or 10 lessons for adult students.

      If you are under 18 years of age a parent or guardian will need to sign the enrolment form.

    • Terms: Fees and payment

      Fees for lessons and participation in performing groups can be paid in full before classes start, or in weekly, fortnightly, quarterly or semester installments.  As fees are not optional at the Christchurch School of Music, we do require either all or a portion of the fee to be paid in advance of the start of lessons.  It is expected that unless fees are paid before the start of the semester, an automatic payment will be set up to cover the remaining fees for the year.

      If an agreement is made to pay fees in installments the CSM office will email invoices at the appropriate intervals.

      Fees can be paid by internet banking, credit card or cheque.

      CSM does have some Financial Support available.  These monies are reliant on a grant, so can not be guaranteed.  If you would like to be considered for financial assistance and have a community services card please indicate this on your enrolment form.  Financial Assistance in 2021 will only be available on lesson fees.

      As CSM is a small not-for-profit organisation we do need to ensure that fees are paid regularly and promptly.  Please contact the office immediately if you have any problems meeting commitments.  We do use normal business methods to recover outstanding debt.

    • Terms: Refunds and Cancellations

      CSM will refund fees paid in advance if you cancel your lessons before the beginning of a term or semester.  However if you are unable to attend lessons part way through a term we will not be able to refund the remaining lessons because your teacher will have been contracted for that time.

    • Terms: Lessons

      If you are unable to attend a lesson we cannot guarantee that the missed lessons will be able to be rescheduled.  Tutors will endeavour to offer alternative lesson arrangements if they can.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide catch up lessons if you miss a group lesson.

      If your teacher is unavailable for a lesson we will endeavour to make up the lesson at a mutually agreed time.