Christchurch School of Music

Enrol for the Chamber Music Holiday Programme 2020

At the CSM Chamber Music Holiday Programme, we will explore the repertoire and techniques within the world of chamber music. The daily schedule includes chamber music coaching with faculty, musical electives (group listening sessions, composition and music theory, or arts & crafts), participation in masterclasses, and optional recreational activities. Students will prepare for a final concert and may have the opportunity to participate in an informal community outreach performance!

Why chamber music? The obvious pleasurable benefit of making new friends and playing chamber music together all day is much more fun than practicing by oneself! The proven benefits of individually mastering a musical instrument are heightened and developed when playing chamber music—heightened verbal and aural communication skills and increased learning to problem solve as a team. When expertly instructed in a small group on a daily basis, students gain an invaluable tool for life in any capacity. Whether a student wishes to develop a lifelong career as a musician, a corporate executive or a renowned medical professional, the benefits from experiencing a superb chamber music education are infinite.

CSM takes great pride in our goals of nurturing and strengthening both the musical as well as the personal growth of each individual student. Our team of experienced faculty and staff is highly skilled at working with students of all ages—at all levels of their musical and emotional development. It is our aim that these students may gain lifelong friends who will also share their special musical gift for years to come.

So register below to be eligible for an audition for this fantastic programme!



    An intensive 3-day Chamber Music holiday programme for the best and brightest youth musicians!


    Passionate musicians aged 8 to 18. Placements based on audition.


    The Programme will take place on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th January 2020, at the beautiful studios at Chisnallwood Intermediate.


    Enrol on our website to be eligible for an audition.
    Limited spaces available in the programme so get in quick!
    Cost: $195 per student.
    Cut-off date: 14th November, 2019.