Christchurch School of Music

Student Information

If you are new to CSM, there are a few things you might like to know about how we operate!

  • Location

    The CSM office is located at 60 Ferry Rd. The office is open from 9 – 5, Tuesday through Friday . If you need help with enrolment, wish to hire an instrument or have been sent by your teacher to pick up some music the office is the correct address.

    Although teachers occasionally do teach from this address, most of our teaching happens at Avonhead School, 55 Avonhead Road

  • Saturday Office

    On a Saturday morning we have an office assistant who helps show people around, answers questions, takes payments and manages the tuck shop. We encourage our students to keep the focus on the music on a Saturday morning and deal with major administrative issues during the week as it is such a busy morning for staff.  The Saturday office is run from the staffroom at Avonhead School

  • Instrument Hire

    Buying an instrument can be an expensive and daunting experience. For this reason, CSM offers low cost instrument hire to all students enrolled in lessons dependent on availability

  • Lesson Scheduling

    Most CSM lessons, orchestras and ensembles occur on a Saturday between 8:30 and 4:30. We encourage students to attend Saturday lessons if possible as this makes it easier for them to feel a part of our wider community. View our ensemble timetable.

    At CSM, the whole family can easily learn together and, if you enrol early, we will do our best to schedule family lessons at similar times! If Saturday morning isn’t possible, lessons can normally be scheduled at a convenient time during the week.

  • Communication

    CSM has approximately 1200 students so, in order to communicate effectively with students a combination of email messages, written notices and updates on our Facebook page are used to let students know what is happening. Please let the office know if computer access is an issue and we’ll do our best to communicate with you using other means.

  • What to bring
    • Your music in a clear-file folder – in most cases you will have a CSM folder issued. Please take care of it and return it at the end of the year.
    • A pencil (a B or 2B are softer and easier to erase)
    • An eraser
    • A music stand
    • Your instrument

    Most importantly PLEASE make sure everything is well-named. Every year we end up with music stands and folders with no names on them so we cannot return them to their owner.

    Please leave your digital devices away in your bag and turned off.

  • Concert Dress

    Unless otherwise advised, concert dress for performances is as follows:

    • White  top
    • Long black skirt or long black pants or knee-length black skirt with black stockings
    • Black socks
    • Black shoes
    • Hair tied back off face
    • Minimal makeup and jewellery

    Please note

    • No sneakers
    • No clothes with obvious logos or printing
    • No coloured items under white shirts
    • No shorts
    • No ¾ pants
  • Tuck Shop

    There will be a great tuck shop operating all Saturday morning from the staffroom at Avonhead School

    At the tuck shop you will be able to purchase tea, coffee, scones, chips and chocolate with the occasional surprise so come along, relax and enjoy a snack.

    If your group would like to use the tuck shop for fundraising please contact the CSM office and we will arrange a date for you.

    The Tuck Shop provides students with an opportunity to have a break and is a fantastic way to meet others so that you can feel more a part of our musical community.

    We also have the occasional sausage sizzle throughout the morning. This can be used for fundraising for CSM groups or outside groups wanting to fundraise for other causes. Please contact the office – this opportunity will be offered on a first come first served basis

  • Term dates for 2023

    These are the Saturday dates. If you have a lesson or ensemble during the week it will generally take place in the week following the Saturday. However this may be negotiated with the teacher

    TERM 1 (8 weeks)

    11 February

    18 February

    25 February

    4  March

    11 March

    18 March

    25  March

    1 April



    TERM 2 (9 weeks)

    22 April

    29 April

    No classes on the 6th May

    13 May

    20 May

    27 May

    No classes on the 3rd June

    10 June

    17 June

    24 June

    1 July

    TERM 3 (9 weeks)

    22 July

    29 July

    5 August

    12 August

    19 August

    26 August

    2 September

    9 September

    16 September


    TERM 4 (8 weeks)

    7 October

    14 October

    No classes on 21st October – Labour Weekend

    28 October

    4 November

    11 November

    No classes on 18th November – Show Weekend

    25 November

    2 December

    9 December