To contact any of our staff, please head to our contact page and give us a call, or fill out our contact form with their name as the subject line.

Key Staff

  • Celia Stewart MNZM
    Celia Stewart MNZM
    Music Director/ Co-ordinator Take Off with Music
  • Alisa Smith
    Alisa Smith
    HOD Suzuki/ Tutor Suzuki Violin
  • Anne Robinson
    Anne Robinson
    HOD Outreach Strings/ Conductor JSO/ Tutor Outreach Strings/ Tutor Violin and Viola
  • Jody Keehan
    Jody Keehan
    HOD Outreach Band Programme/ Tutor Saxophone
  • Leigh Cookson
    Leigh Cookson
    Operations Manager
  • Monique Webster
    Monique Webster
    Saturday Administrator

Teaching Staff

  • Louise Ayling
    Tutor Ukulele, Guitar
  • Marnie Barrell
    Tutor Piano
  • Samantha Bates
    Assistant Take Off with Music
  • Rebecca Bendre
    Tutor Cello
  • Katharina Cairns
    Tutor Piano
  • Jo Cherry
    Tutor Recorder
  • Josie Stanford
    Conductor Windjammers/ Windpower
  • Lewis Cooper
    Director Samba Band
  • Janet Cubey
    Tutor Outreach Strings Cello
  • Emma Cullen
    Tutor Percussion
  • Cornelia Didenco
    Tutor Violin
  • Antonio Dimitrov
    Tutor French Horn
  • Sarah Hook
    Tutor Recorder, Flute
  • Leon Harman
    Orchestra Assistant Brass
  • Bianca Amataiti
    Tutor Violin
  • Aya McLarty
    Tutor Violin
  • Bob Gaudin
    Lower string orchestra assistant ISO Sinfonia
  • Carole Gibb
    Tutor Recorder
  • Naomi Harmer
    Tutor Suzuki Cello/Cello
  • Matthew Harris
    Tutor Outreach Band /Conductor ISO
  • Margot Button
    Tutor Vocal
  • Yumeka Hildreth
    Tutor: Voice/Children's Choir Director
  • Akira Hirasawa
    Tutor Trombone
  • Mark Hodgkinson
    Conductor Concert Band, Tutor Trumpet
  • Kate Husband
    Tutor Outreach Ukulele
  • Cherise Jones
    Tutor Outreach Band
  • Richie Pickard
    Tutor Double Bass/Bass Guitar, Jazz
  • Kerstin Ladstaetter
    Tutor Piano
  • Natalia Lomeiko
    Tutor Violin
  • Lois McCallum
    Tutor Suzuki Violin
  • Susan McKeich
    Tutor Recorder/Oboe and Outreach Recorder
  • Anne McMahon
    Outreach Ukulele
  • Amy McMurdo
    HOD Chamber Music/ Tutor Cello/ Orchestra Assistant Lower strings
  • Ray McMurdo
    Tutor Guitar, Rock Band
  • Helen Murray
    Tutor Take Off with Music
  • Tessa Olivier
    Tutor Violin/Piano/Stringendo Director
  • Ethan Zhao
    Orchestra Assistant Woodwind
  • Brett Painter
    Co-ordinator, Tutor Percussion
  • Joanna Park
    Tutor Cello
  • Milika Perry
    Orchestra Assistant Strings/ Suzuki Assistant
  • Georgina Rees-Stevenson
    Conductor-Clarinet and Saxophone Ensemble, Big Band
  • Helen Renaud
    Conductor CYO
  • Dan Robertson
    Tutor Piano
  • Andrew Robinson
    Tutor Outreach Strings Violin
  • John Robinson
    Tutor Clarinet
  • Rebecca Robinson
    Tutor Flute, Orchestra Woodwind Assistant
  • Nicola Rooney
    Tutor Clarinet/ Saxophone
  • Tony Ryan
    Conductor, Sinfonia
  • Patrick Shepherd
    Conductor Camerata
  • Anne Shute
    Tutor Ukulele, Guitar
  • Janet Simon
    Co-ordinator Woodwind, Tutor Flute
  • Cameron Smillie
    Orchestra percussion assistant
  • Alisa Smith
    HOD Suzuki Strings
  • Nicola Smith
    Tutor Suzuki Violin
  • Josie Stanford
    Tutor Outreach
  • Helen Stevenson
    Tutor Double Bass
  • Snow Valormae
    Director Jazz Combo, Guitar tutor
  • Susan Melville
    Tutor Piano
  • Cate van Leuven
    Tutor: Piano
  • Natasha Chernousova
    Tutor Flute
  • Melanie Williams
    Tutor Voice
  • Eunseong Kim
    Orchestra Assistant Strings
  • Roanna Funcke
    Tutor Percussion