Christchurch School of Music

Lesson Delivery

There are several different ways you can engage in your lessons at CSM, from lessons with a group through to private individual lessons. We can work with you on the way you learn best!

  • Group Lessons

    Group lessons are available on violin, flute, recorder, guitar and ukulele. Groups are recommended as an inexpensive and fun way to start learning. There are many benefits to group learning:

    • It opens up other musical opportunities – in a group students can play duets and trios, they can participate in musical games and have friendly competition on scales and theoretical aspects.
    • It enables increased aural awareness of ensemble, intonation and balance where students can learn from and be motivated by each other
    • The social aspects-students work together, encourage each other and compete against each other. Friends made in group lessons can often remain friends for a lifetime.

    After the first year, students can decide whether to keep the group together or move onto individual lessons. The length of the lesson is dependent on the number of students enrolled.

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  • Individual Lessons

    Individual lessons are offered in 20 minute, 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute slots. Most lessons happen on a Saturday morning but it is possible we can offer weekday lessons on most instruments depending on the availability of teachers.

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  • Paired lessons

    Paired 30 minute lessons are available on most instruments. Although these lessons are designed to allow students to enrol to “learn with a friend”, the office can often match students successfully for paired lessons.

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  • Short Courses

    As a result of our busy lives, sometimes our students find it hard to commit to a long-term arrangement. It is possible to book a short course of five or ten lessons to be negotiated with the teacher concerned.

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