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Welcome to the Christchurch School of Music!

The CSM is one of New Zealand’s greatest musical treasures, where tens of thousands of Christchurch children and adults have learned to love and appreciate music. CSM is a place where the whole family can learn music in the same place at the same time! We also offer a wide range of orchestras, ensembles and performing groups for all ages and abilities.

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The Chinese philosopher, Confucius said long ago “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without”. Playing an instrument has many benefits and can bring a great deal of joy to the performer and the listener.

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Studies continue to prove what those involved with music know through experience : participating in musical activities whether playing an instrument, singing or listening has many positive effects on the brain as well as a student’s health and well-being. Numerous studies have found a strong link between music learning and academic success. Some of the proven benefits include:

1) Increased memory capacity

2) Improved language ability

3) Increased empathy

4) Improved self-confidence

5) Increased attention span and focus

6) Self-discipline

7) Improved health including delayed onset of dementia

CSM offers a range of lesson options to suit the needs of our students, young and old. If you are unsure of the best option, feel free to contact our office for assistance.

The right time to start learning an instrument depends on the child. Physical development, maturity, coordination and concentration are all important factors in making the right decision. Some of these factors can be overcome by the sheer will to learn, but it is important that a child learns on an instrument that is the right size. Many instruments are available in small sizes or lightweight materials so that keen students can start learning earlier.


The benefits of playing with other students in an orchestra, ensemble or chamber group are numerous and include improved awareness of intonation (playing in tune!), rhythmic skills, sight reading, and awareness of how the parts fit together in a musical composition.

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Although these are all important reasons, the main reason CSM focuses on group playing is that we find students who choose to join a group at an early stage are much more likely to continue practising and playing their instrument. We believe this is a combination of the social nature of playing in a group, the exposure to exciting repertoire at an early stage, a better understanding of where their chosen instrument fits into the group and, perhaps most importantly, more rapid progress. In short, playing with others motivates students!


Scientific studies have proven that singing at a young age provides many benefits: better academic achievement, better socialisation and communication skills, increased confidence and even happiness! All of CSM’s singing programmes are designed with these goals in mind.

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The voice is a wonderful instrument in its own right and comes with the advantage of being in demand in every style of music, of being truly portable and with no purchase cost required! The vocal programme at CSM offers students the opportunity to have tailored individual or group lessons along with a range of ensemble experiences.

Give your child the gift of a lifetime of music with CSM Sings!